Sponsor Highlight: Tanya Boggs Photography

Jul 29, 2015

Take one look at Tanya Boggs’ work, and you’ll note that her photos go beyond the average corporate headshot. Tanya’s love of photography stems from her years spent training as a modern dancer. She eventually went on to receive her MFA in Photography, and now, along with creating… Read More

GOODFarming Starts with Land Access

Jul 27, 2015

Launching a new business is an overwhelming endeavor, especially when the industry requires making a large investment in real estate and infrastructure. In agriculture, accessing land and infrastructure has become such an incredible challenge for new and beginning farmers across the nation that it is listed as one of… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Buist, Byars & Taylor, LLC

Jul 27, 2015

With a focus on real estate law, Buist, Byars & Taylor, LLC has served the Charleston community since it was founded by Thomas G. Buist in 1958. Rooted in tradition, attorneys assist clients with a number of real estate issues, including land acquisition and development, residential and commercial… Read More

Growing a Superfood: Sweet ‘Taters

Jul 24, 2015

Sweet potatoes, or as locals refer to them, ‘sweet ‘taters, have risen from the dirt as a ‘superfood’ due to their high levels of vitamins A&C, antioxidants and low glycemic impact . These easy to grow root vegetables can be stored for months in a cool dry pantry… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Coastal Coffee Roasters

Jul 24, 2015

In 2010, Coastal Coffee Roasters came to the Lowcountry with a simple idea. The thought? Share their passion for fresh, organic coffee with the rest of the world. Fast forward to today, and after setting up shop in at 108 E 3rd N Street in downtown historic Summerville,… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: The Beach Company

Jul 24, 2015

A big thank you to all of our GOODBusiness Summit sponsors, including Lowcountry Local First Enthusiast Member, The Beach Company! Established in Charleston in 1945, The Beach Company has set out to improve the long-term economic life of the Lowcountry and the rest of the Southeast region. The company’s core business… Read More

A #Local Case Study: The Spectator Hotel

Jul 20, 2015

Monday blues got you down? We felt that way, too, until we took a gander at the newly opened downtown boutique hotel, The Spectator Hotel. What a beauty! Locally-owned by Charlestowne Hotels (and one of our GoodBusiness Summit sponsors), The Spectator Hotel is just one lovely example of… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union

Jul 17, 2015

A big thank you to all of our GOODBusiness Summit sponsors, including Lowcountry Local First Catalyst Member, Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union! Credit unions are a great option when financing any local business. Why? Because their mission is to serve its members, not maximize a profit. Businesses still have access… Read More