LLF in the News

Choose Local to Boost Lowcountry's Economic Momentum - OpEd in the Post & Courier by Executive Director, Jamee Haley - July 3, 2013

GOODBusiness Summit - 2013
Pitches and tips feature at GOODBusiness Summit in Charleston- Post & Courier - June 21, 2013

Not just for profit: rise of the for-benefit business

A couple of weeks ago, Harvard University hosted a special summit called “Growing the Impact Economy,” a gathering of investors, government officials, social entrepreneurs, scholars and economic developers. I was honored to be invited as a BALLE Fellow and local economy leader.

GOODBusiness for your business

What do Alabama Chanin, Urban Electric Company, TS Designs and Zingerman’s have in common? They are smart, successful, profitable businesses that have taken innovative approaches to organizational structure, company culture and strategic growth.

And they are all proud to be local, buy local and support their communities.

Spotlight of The Glass Onion, Eat Local

The Glass Onion's, Chris Stewart and Sarah O'Kelley

What is your favorite local food?

Chris: Any Local Fish! Sarah: I second Chris!

What is your favorite seasonal dish or recipe?

Chris: Field Peas...I love the field pea falafel we made last summer!; Sarah: Soft Shell Crabs...love our technique of cold smoking them and then frying them!

If Charleston were a vegetable what would it be?

Sponsor Highlight SC Heritage Corridor

The South Carolina Heritage Corridor's Lauren Ponder answers our questions about all things local!

What is your favorite local food?

Fresh peaches in summer. Just drove through scenic highway 11 and the trees are in bloom. 

What is your favorite seasonal dish or recipe? 

Fried okra with a very light batter and extra peppery. You can't beet that along side some beautiful fresh sliced tomato right out of the garden.

If Charleston were a vegetable what would it be?


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