Lowcountry Local First is a non-profit advocate for local, independent businesses and a resource for the community members they serve.

We’re working to create jobs and grow the Lowcountry economy by empowering local makers, growers and service providers.

Most importantly, we’re your neighbors. And just like you, we love it here.


So what is a Community Membership anyway?

Feb 19th

By Larry Downey | Community Manager, Lowcountry Local First As lovers of the Lowcountry, we understand that we have a choice in what we buy and from whom we buy it. We have a choice in what we eat, and from where and by whom it’s grown. Collectively,… Read More


Sowing the Seeds for a Successful Farm Business

Feb 3rd

By Nikki Seibert Kelley, Director of Sustainable Agriculture, Lowcountry Local First In farming, winter means business. Farmers and their supporting organizations are reflecting on the end-of-year, evaluating what worked, and planning on how to make the next year even better. Production has slowed down, seasonal markets are closed,… Read More


Business 101 Course

Mar 10th

Lowcountry Local First and the College of Charleston are working together to provide a course for current or aspiring business owners interested in launching or redeveloping their concept. Participants will leave this course with a new business plan. ..Read More

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