Buy Local Month

November 15th – December 15th

The 9th annual Buy Local Month November 15 – December 15 is Lowcountry Local First’s strategic initiative to encourage consumers to buy local and keep holiday dollars flowing within our community. We know that we must invest in what we value!

Recent studies show 75% of businesses located in cities with active Local First campaigns reported increased customer sales and other benefits from these initiatives. LLF’s Buy Local Month is a grassroots movement of education and relationship building that promotes the many economic and societal benefits of supporting local businesses. During Buy Local Month, LLF offers several promotional opportunities to showcase the great work local businesses are doing for their community, and works to steer consumers to these businesses at the height of the holiday shopping season.

Celebrate all things LOCAL with us at the Buy Local Block Party on Saturday, November 21!

Stay tuned for other ways to get involved throughout Buy Local Month! If your business would like to join in the campaign and gain extra visibility throughout the holiday shopping season, please contact for sponsorship opportunities.

When consumers choose to support locally owned businesses, 45% of those dollars spent stay within our community as opposed to only 14% when choosing to buy from non-local retailers and businesses. This influx of revenue is essential for local business growth, strong schools, safer streets and an overall increased quality of life. By spending more money locally, citizens and visitors alike are contributing to the positive growth of the Lowcountry, and Lowcountry Local First is working to turn local economic prosperity into a way of life.