Buy Local Month

November 15th – December 15th

Buy Local Month (November 15 – December 15) is Lowcountry Local First’s (LLF) strategic initiative to encourage our citizens to buy local and keep holiday dollars flowing within our community. We know that we must invest in what we value!

LLF’s Buy Local Month is a grassroots movement of education and relationship building that promotes the many economic and societal benefits of supporting local businesses. During Buy Local Month, LLF offers several promotional opportunities to showcase the great work local businesses are doing for their community, and works to steer consumers to these businesses at the height of the holiday shopping season.

Celebrate all things LOCAL with us at the Buy Local Block Party on Saturday, November 12!

Shop at participating retail stores throughout the campaign and purchase a Sea is for Caramel Sweeteeth chocolate bar for a chance at finding one of three hidden Golden Ticket within! Check out the list of participating retailers and prize donors here.

At Lowcountry Local First, we believe ownership matters, and relationships matter. That’s why we work with businesses, community members and policymakers to build support for local, independent businesses.

Why? Local businesses reinvest 3 TIMES MORE money back into our local economy. That means, for every $100 spent at a local business, an average of $45 is recirculated into the Lowcountry, vs. only $15 when that money is spent with a national chain store or corporation. Local businesses are much more likely to hire a local marketing firm, use a local printer, and employ the services of a local attorney, creating a multiplier effect.

These relationships and a conscious effort to support local keeps the Lowcountry from becoming ‘Anywhere, USA.’

Thanks to these participating businesses for being in our “Relationships Matter” video: The Ordinary / FIG Restaurant, South State Bank, David Thompson Architect, Perrin Woodworking, American Automated Payroll, Abundant Seafood, Dirt Works Incubator Farm, Limehouse Produce, and Grassroots Wine

Relationships Matter — Lowcountry Local First from Lowcountry Local First on Vimeo.

Thanks to our awesome 2016 Buy Local Month sponsors for believing in the power of a thriving local business community!













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