We’re glad you asked!

Lowcountry Local First is celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a community-wide art installation. You may stumble across a large 3D letter and wonder what it is and why it exists. Local ninjas have placed 10 letters all over the Lowcountry that together, spell “Love A Local.” We invite you to get out and try to find all of them through the remainder of February — but have no fear, we’ll release a map of the letter locations in March.

Thanks to these local artists who contributed to the letters, uniquely crafting them as our “love letters” to this place we call home and the local businesses who make the Lowcountry so unique and resilient:

Marcus Amaker, Todd Anderson, Chambers Austelle, Lydia Campbell, Arianne King Comer, Jordan Fowler, Nic Jenkins, Danielle Lewis, Kristen Solecki, Bethany Summers, Fletcher Williams III

How to Interact?

Snap a photo of the letters you find and use the hashtag #LoveALocal to share love for a local business you are grateful exists. Maybe it’s your favorite local coffee shop, printer, restaurant, plumber, retail shop, recreation company, etc. Let them know you love them! If we don’t choose to value what we love, it will fade away.

Download our free mobile app and allow notifications. You’ll receive hints and clues as you pass by each letter!

Update: The 10 #LoveALocal letter locations were revealed in March 2017 with the below map:

Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications