Sponsor Highlight: Workplace Benefits

Aug 19, 2015

When it comes to the complicated world of health insurance, finding the best coverage for yourself or your business can be nothing short of daunting. Thanks to Workplace Benefits, however, businesses and individuals now have a slew of helpful options at their fingertips. With six years in the… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Striped Pig Distillery

Aug 19, 2015

According to Prohibition History, state militia units frequently gathered on parade grounds to practice drills; thus attracting many local onlookers as well as vendors. On one particular instance, a rum seller raised a flag of a hog “disguised in paint”, advertising to locals that they could find a… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Nelson Printing

Aug 19, 2015

From brochures and business cards to coupons and menus, The Nelson Printing Corporation offers an evolving medley of beneficial printing options for businesses of all sizes. Dating back to 1844, the company, who once focused primarily on printing newspapers (read more about their roots here), has evolved into… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Charleston City Paper

Aug 18, 2015

  From their comprehensive DISH Dining guide to their infamously entertaining police Blotter, Charleston locals have counted on the Charleston City Paper for all the juicy local happenings since 1997, and we’re thrilled to have them as a GOODBusiness Summit sponsor this year! Behind the free, weekly paper… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Verde

Aug 18, 2015

We’re thrilled to have Verde back as our lunch sponsor this year! The great minds behind Verde saw an important need for the Charleston community: a quick-service and healthy dining option that is green inside and out. With compostable bowls and the push to recycle everything they can,… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: South State Bank

Aug 18, 2015

While South State Bank has experienced considerable growth since opening its doors in 1934 (its small town roots have since spread over three states with employee growth up to 600 and counting), its client-centered core values have remained the same since day one. Widely known for its top-notch… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Charleston Museum

Aug 6, 2015

A HUGE thank you to our 3rd Annual GOODBusiness Summit host, Charleston Museum! Known to many as “America’s First Museum,” the Charleston Museum was first opened to the public in 1824 but was actually founded in 1773 by the Charleston Library Society on the eve of the American… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Tanya Boggs Photography

Jul 29, 2015

Take one look at Tanya Boggs’ work, and you’ll note that her photos go beyond the average corporate headshot. Tanya’s love of photography stems from her years spent training as a modern dancer. She eventually went on to receive her MFA in Photography, and now, along with creating… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Buist, Byars & Taylor, LLC

Jul 27, 2015

With a focus on real estate law, Buist, Byars & Taylor, LLC has served the Charleston community since it was founded by Thomas G. Buist in 1958. Rooted in tradition, attorneys assist clients with a number of real estate issues, including land acquisition and development, residential and commercial… Read More