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Our goal and satisfaction comes from making all of our guest who have been to Charleston or those of you yet to visit very happy with merchandise from our great city.
But…….now that we have set the tone…..maybe you cannot come to Charleston right now ! ……or maybe you have visited our city already and just did not have the time to do a little shopping to bring home some of the awesome merchandise made or designed right here in Charleston or around the low country and don’t forget some of the places we consider friends with great merchandise. So let us help !
You can still enjoy many of Charleston’s classic foods and gifts right here on our great store ! www.buywayofcharleston.com
We have put together a nice mix of great gifts and merchandise from around the low country and our friends just for you.
Take a stroll thru our neighborhood, there are many items here that will make great gifts or satisfy your own pleasures.
Stop by often…….!


Richard Magee





520 Folly Road, Suite P-197
Charleston, 29412