The Experience Design Studio

Created with the purpose of providing big agency services without all the rigidness and overhead, The Experience Design Studio is a full-service Digital Agency that focuses on customer experience solution in 
the health and wellness industry.

With strategy at our core, we make your tools and technology easy to use, engaging, and effective by looking at the complete customer experience – analyzing every touchpoint with the core focus on understand how real people – patients, doctors, mothers, fathers, payers – interact with an experience.

Our founders Douglas Rockhill and Shai Reichert have lead digital transformations for the largest health companies in the world for the past 20 years – including creating Bristol-Myers Squibb first digital sales aid, redesigning Cincinnati Children’s Hospital website, converting Allergan’s sales teams to be entirely digital, helped Johnson and Johnson reimage how to onboard new employees, and created first-in-market content marketing solutions for Opdivo.


Douglas Rockhill



50 central island drive, unit 152
daniel island, 29492