Lowcountry Street Grocery

Lowcountry Street Grocery is a mobile farmers market structured as a self-sustaining, mission-driven b-corporation. We are seeking to bring nutrition, affordability and food security to the Charleston area. Though we are chiefly concerned with providing better nutrition at modest prices for those living in and along food deserts, the breadth of our inventory and interest in boosting the local economy will prove to be a boon to the entire community. Our premium on nutrition is followed closely by our desire for community building and convenience, as we are a mobile market business. We bring our product right to the neighborhoods of our patrons via a fully refurbished and environmentally-friendly school bus stocked with produce, proteins and sundries. Our unique, inexpensive and convenient approach will engender a sense of trust and intimacy within the community, and foster future ties -- both in business and in friendship.

Therein lays the true purpose of Lowcountry Street Grocery: to offer a service to our community as a whole, with particular focus on the less fortunate members who not only lack the convenience that we provide, but the product that we sell. The product that we sell will in turn give our local farmers and businesses another channel of income, furthering their ties in the community and creating a truly sustainable and synergistic model.


Lindsey Barrow


(706) 340-4160



1630-2 Meeting St.
Charleston, 29405