Steel City Pizza

Yes we are a South Carolina Company and proud of it!!.

Born in the South, here in Charleston 2012, but raised in The Steel City – that’s a nickname for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We grew up in cold winters and playful summers, from blue collar families and loyal friends who have your back no matter what! Those were some great memories growing up in the Steel City, and many were made while sitting around a fresh hot Pizza drinking an ice cold _______ (you fill in the blank :)

Our dream was to build that down here, a neighborhood pizza place where you and your loved ones can do the same. Sit around a delicious Pizza, share it together, break bread if you will… catch up, watch the big game, laugh with each other and enjoy!!

And so when folks ask us, and about our name… what is it all about?

In the Steel City, we love our sports, food, friends and especially family -they mean everything to us. And what we put our name on, we are proud to say we built it, we stand behind it, … I guess you could say we ‘got its back’. We’re builders of good food – and our name is riding on it; every guest, every party, every slice, every time!

So thank you for reading a little bit about us! We look forward to sharing our name, our food, and our company with you sometime soon!!


Kat Ramirez



1440 Ben Sawyer Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, 29464