Extra Virgin Oven, LLC (dba EVO Pizzeria)

EVO Pizzeria is dedicated to using ingredients from local food producers and purveyors wherever and whenever possible. There are lots of good reasons for this - keeping money in the local economy, supporting a community of hard-working neighbors, and just plain knowing where our food comes from. At the end of the day, local just tastes better.

You can’t improve on a beautiful, ripe black cherry tomato, picked in-season just a few miles away. There’s no substitute for sweet, succulent butternut squash in the winter, and we get positively giddy over bacon from a happy Carolina pig.

We proudly display our supplier partners above our wood-fired oven, and our proud to serve food that they make possible. We hope you’ll support them when you leave EVO as well.


Elena Hacker





1075 E. Montague Ave.
North Charleston, 29405