Charleston Spice Company

We are your source for organic herbs and spices! Let's say you're in the store looking for a new blend to spice up dinner tonight. You pick up an intriguing blend to look at the ingredients, they look something like this: "salt, paprika, pepper, spices".
You think,"uh, I know there are spices, it's a spice blend, so what are they"
We founded this company to make it easier for you to find fresh and tasty blends that will enhance your food and your life. With our blends you never have to wonder what "spice"you're putting into your body. We put all the ingredients right on the back of every blend bag so you know exactly what you’re getting! We don’t use preservatives or fillers and we hand-blend in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. With everything from Aliño to Za’atar, we’ve got a little something for everyone.


Caitlin Tuten-Rhodes



1969 Central Park Road
Charleston, 29412