Jestine's Kitchen

Jestine's KItchen
southern food with lots of soul
Jestine's Kitchen opened in 1996 by Dana Berlin Strange to honor Jestine Matthewes her best friend . Jestine helped take care of and spoiled Dana's mother Shera Lee Ellison who later married Alwyn Berlin both Charlestonian's as Jestine is . Alwyn and Shera had four children Edward,Dana Charlye and Ellison .Jestine spoiled this family rotten . Dana opened Jestine's to share the love she feels for Jestine and to have the opportunity to talk about her every day . Jestine passed a year and one half later . Come share her memory raise a glass of sweet tea to Jestine .


Dana Berlin Strange

843 722 7224


251 Meeting Street
Charleston, 29401