Pitt Street Pharmacy

When we opened our doors over 75 years ago, Pitt Street was Mount Pleasant’s main shopping district. Everything anyone wanted was right here – the post office, the grocery store, the hardware store – even the town doctor, Otis Pickett. Pitt Street was the center of the old village; Pitt Street Pharmacy was the heart. People came here for their aspirin, Band-Aids, hair tonics, and body lotion; the latest fashion magazines, best selling paperbacks, or the newest Superman comic book.

Some things change with time, but Pitt Street Pharmacy has proven itself impervious to the changes of time. Our customers still receive the same friendly trustworthy service. We still deliver, and our soda fountain is still the most popular place in town. Ask anyone around here and they will tell you. Pitt Street is still the center of the old village and Pitt Street Pharmacy is still the heart of it all.


Kim Richardson





111 Pitt Street
Mount Pleasant, 29464