Cocoa Academic LLC

We are a Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Maker here in the Lowcountry. 100% of our Chocolate Bars are manufactured here in Charleston directly from ethically and sustainably sourced Cocoa Beans. We use cocoa as a no-waste product. The inside of the bean gets turned into chocolate, the outside of the bean gets turned into cocoa tea, and any remaining cocoa dust is given away to locals as a natural soil fertilizer.
We believe in supporting our community! Starting December 1st 2017, we began our Every Bag Buys a Meal project. For every serving of cocoa tea, we donate 1 meal to the Lowcountry Food Bank. So far to date, with the help of our local community, we have purchased over 3000 meals.
I, Bethany Nunn, am the sole owner of Cocoa Academic and currently the only employee, but WE stands for my family and partner who have volunteered their time to help the business get off of its feet and grow. I started Cocoa Academic late 2016 as a home business, and since then we have seen significant growth. We now operate out of a private space attached to a communal kitchen in North Charleston, and there we hold monthly public and private Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Tastings (the only Bean-to-Bar tasting in Charleston). Late summer, we plan to launch the first Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making classes in the Lowcountry.
At the beginning of June we will be hiring our first employees.
Our mission is to educate the public on fine quality, fresh, and ethically-made chocolate. Our long term goal is to train the first batch of Charleston chocolate makers!


Bethany Nunn



6185 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, 29406