If you’ve eaten at a restaurant in Downtown Charleston, there’s a decent chance that it’s a restaurant represented by The Indigo Road Restaurant Group. Founded in 2009 by Steve Palmer, The Indigo Road Restaurant Group consists of Oak Steakhouse, O-Ku, The Macintosh, Indaco, The Cocktail Club, Mercantile and Mash, Bar Mash, The Cedar Room and The Granary.

What helps to make Indigo Road special? The entity operates with the highest attention to service and a dedication to the utmost in superior customer experience. Exemplified among each restaurant, patrons will find top service, exceptional and thoughtful design, and incredible, ever-changing menus that offer some of the best food and beverages in the city.

We reached out to Mr. Palmer for his perspective on helping and working with local businesses in the Lowcountry.


What has been the driving force for your business? / Why do you exist?

The driving force for the business is people. We exist to better the lives of our employees, customers and community.

Is there a moment that stands out as pivotal for your business?

For me, it was meeting Jeremiah Bacon back in 2010.

What are your hopes or goals for your business this year (2017)?

Goals for this year include increasing employee morale, decreasing employee turnover and finding more ways to give back to the Charleston community.

What is the best advice you never got as a local business owner that you would pass on to others just starting out?

“Put your employees first.”

What made starting a business in the Charleston area appealing?

I’ve been here my whole career – the hospitality community here is so warm and welcoming.

We recently launched our #LoveALocal campaign, how do you help support other local business owners and the local community?

On a daily basis we work with a number of local businesses from local farmers and fishermen to local advertisers, charities and events.

Check out two of Steve’s favorite local businesses!

Blend Juice Bar and Little Jacks Tavern


Don’t forget that this coming Wednesday, March 8th is our March Member Mixer. We are excited to be meeting at one of Indigo Road’s restaurant, The Macintosh. Check these amazing photos from Jeremiah Bacon.

Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications