Eat Local Challenge

April 1st – April 30th

According to the often-sited statistic, our food travels on average 1,500 miles before it reaches our plates. Agribusiness is SC’s largest industry however over 90% of our food is still imported. Choosing to eat locally grown and produced food affects our environment, our health, our communities and our local business economy. The goal of the Eat Local Challenge is to help consumers “Make the Shift” in their choices, their spending and their overall local food consumption. Eating local is for everyone, and the ways you can shift towards eating local are endless! With innovative arrangements that link producers and consumers like community supported agriculture (CSAs), farmers markets, local sections in your grocery store and farm to table connections, local food is abundant in the Lowcountry.

WHAT: A month-long challenge to eat locally-produced food. We are asking participants to pledge to shift $10 or more of their weekly food spending towards our local food system.

WHEN: April 1 – 30

HOW: Register and make your pledge. We’ll send instructions out in late March to help you get started on April 1 and make the most of your personal or team challenge! Once you’ve pledged, we’ll send you weekly resources, recipes and tips on how to shift not just throughout April but make lasting changes to your spending and eating habits that can continue year-round. Access our resources on-the-go by using our free mobile app. Search “Lowcountry Local First” in your mobile app store to download.

COST: There is no cost associated with the challenge, just a minimum commitment to shift $10 or more per week towards local food options. Prizes will be awarded throughout the Challenge to those who interact with the weekly #HowIEatLocal Instagram contest. 

SO, WHAT IS LOCAL? For the purposes of this challenge we are challenging you to eat food sourced as close to home as possible, and always within the state of South Carolina.

CHALLENGE OTHERS! Use the toolkit (will be provided) with content and images to help encourage others to join you in the Challenge!

All participants will receive:

– Access to the Eat Local Challenge section of our app where you will find details, tips, CSA information and the ability to track your local spending.

– Weekly emails stuffed full of tips, recipes and suggestions for the Challenge.

— Invitation to participate in the #HowIEatLocal weekly Instagram contest, with weekly prizes being awarded by Verde! Learn more.

– Full access to the Eat Local Challenge Facebook group, which will include recipes, tips & tricks, information regarding discounts and local food options at participating businesses.

– Information regarding all Eat Local events and happenings.

– Resources to help you find local farmers’ markets, CSA sign-ups and local food and beverage supporters

We want to hear from you throughout the Challenge! Learn about other challengers’ experiences and share your own online. Tag us in your social media posts, use the #EatLocalCHS and join the Eat Local Challenge Facebook Group.

Thanks to netGalaxy Studios for their help in making this app come to life!