Reboot + Rebound: Business Continuity: Hurricanes, Flooding & Pandemics

August 6th

Join us for an interactive panel discussion on how to best prepare for the upcoming hurricane season, flood events, and the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 outbreaks. Often times, the decisions that need to be made surrounding these events are last-minute, hurried, and stressful.

This interactive workshop will feature an in-depth exploration of many things you need to consider in times of crisis that will allow you to get ahead of the “storm” and learn from the pros in various areas of expertise. Come put your plans to the test and learn where you can improve your preparedness for whatever 2020 plans to throw at us next.

Topics covered will include:

– Key aspects of a Business Continuity Plan
– Decision-making on disaster declaration, evacuation, and re-entry by governmental entities
– Employee policies and other HR considerations
– Physical property/assets protection
– Communicating with your important external audience
– Available governmental resources

Speakers include:

– Lanetra King, M.S., IndieKater PR
– Sadida A. Chinnis, Daniel Island Club
– Paula Stubblefield, C.T. Lowndes & Company
– Butch Barfield, City of North Charleston Office of Emergency Preparedness
– Moderator: Andy McCarthy, People Surge

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FREE for current LLF member businesses.

$35 / workshop for non-members OR
$105 for non-member access to the entire 5-part series.

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The “Reboot + Rebound” Good Business Workshop series is sponsored by People Surge who believes that people are the driving force behind vibrant businesses.

Lanetra King, M.S. 
IndieKater PR

Sadida A. Chinnis
Club HR Manager
Daniel Island Club

Paula Stubblefield, CIC, CPIW, CISR, AIAM, DAE, CLP
Account Executive
C.T. Lowndes & Company

Moderator: Andy McCarthy
People Surge