Join Lowcountry Local First

The Lowcountry thrives because of its strong, cooperative local business community. Join the hundreds of local-independent businesses who make up the Lowcountry Local First movement. Whether you’re looking for educational webinars, marketing clout, advocacy support, or information about local events and socials, our membership benefits provide more than just a network of passionate local leaders. Find the level that works for your unique business and let us help you make the most of membership.

Need help? Have questions? Give us a call at 843-801-3390 or contact Steve.

Certified Local Member Criteria:

The following criteria are necessary for businesses joining Lowcountry Local First and constitute Lowcountry Local First’s definition of a local independent business:

1) The business is privately held and not publicly traded.

2) The business is based locally and has no corporate or national headquarters outside the Lowcountry.

3) The business owners who have a controlling interest of more than 50% live in the Lowcountry.

4) The business can make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, business purchasing, practices and distribution, as well as pays all its own marketing, rent, and other business expenses.

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