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MEDIA & PRESS Hear what local and regional media outlets are saying about Lowcountry Local First.


User Account Registration How-To

Step-by-step guide to creating your user account for the Lowcountry Local First website.

Farm Fresh Food Guide

A regularly updated directory and guide to Lowcountry farms, food producers, distributors and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs).

Local-Independent Business Criteria

The criteria necessary to become a business member of Lowcountry Local First.

How to Open a Business in the City of Charleston

Key information provided by the City of Charleston's Business Services Department.

2014 State of Local in the Lowcountry

A summary of two studies commissioned in 2013 showing 1) the economic impact of local retail and food & beverage businesses, and 2) the effectiveness of LLF branding and consumer awareness of the Buy Local movement.

10 Reasons to Buy Local

When you buy local, three times more money is reinvested into the local economy vs. buying from national chains or corporations headquartered outside the Lowcountry.

Lowcountry Local First Seasonal Food Guide

Find out what fruits and vegetables are grown in the Lowcountry by using this seasonal food guide.

Green Business Challenge

The Green Business Challenge is a City of Charleston program to empower local businesses and institutions to operate more sustainably and save money too. Open to businesses in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank or Credit Union

Small and midsized banks account for more than half of all business lending. By using a local financial institution you are supporting local businesses who create a majority of new jobs. Find out more...

2016 Lowcountry Local First Member Survey Results

To fulfill our mission, we must keep a pulse on the local business community we serve – to know the painpoints and the victories. Here are the survey results from Lowcountry Local First’s 2016 Annual Member Survey.

Measure What Matters - Use Business As a Force for Good

ASSESS, COMPARE and IMPROVE how your company performs for best practices on employee, environmental and local economic impacts. Free and confidential.

Small Business Legal Checklist

A helpful checklist created by Wills, Massalon & Allen, LLC that covers topics from ownership and employee relations to trademarks and commercial leases.