Lowcountry Local First is a 501(c)3 nonprofit cultivating an economy anchored in local ownership, because local-independent businesses are the cornerstone of our culture, economy, and character.

We are Movement Builders.

We are Advocates of local-independent businesses.

We are Localists.

Most importantly, we’re your Neighbors. And just like you, we love it here.


Neighborhood Captain Spotlight: Emily Mosh

Nov 17th

The role of Lowcountry Local First’s Neighborhood Captains is to be a leader and a connector of local businesses, farmers, non-profit organizations and individuals in the neighborhood where their business is located. They are the “feet on the ground” in terms of the local movement and a peer… Read More


Free Day Pass: Local Works Coworking Space

Nov 3rd

Lowcountry Local First developed Local Works as a place for entrepreneurs to collaborate, co-create, and harness the energy and support of other local business owners so that all can thrive. Local Works provides low-cost professional work space for local businesses in a creative and collaborative environment. This non-sector specific hub… Read More

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