Farm Support and Consulting

Farmer training

Good Farming Workshops:

Our Good Farming workshops covering both sustainable business and production topics selected by local farmers and taught by farmers and relevant experts. These workshops are generally hands-on and in addition to training provide an excellent networking opportunity. Farmers, whether existing or aspiring, are highly encouraged to attend as well as agricultural professionals. See our events page for more information on upcoming workshops.

Watch our video to learn how we are working to rebuild local food communities in the Southeast:

We are proud to have Clemson Sustainable Agriculture as a partner in hosting a number of these workshops annually.

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Farm-land Match: 

We consult with local farmers through the process of locating, evaluating, and negotiating contracts for agricultural lands for their farm businesses.

Lowcountry Farmers Listserv:

Farmers and agricultural professionals are provided a platform to share resources, ask questions, seek help, and post opportunities. More info here. Email to join.

Lowcountry Historic Crop Fact Sheets:

Many formerly prominent Lowcountry crops are making a comeback and offer viable business opportunities as demand increases. Click on the downloadable information sheets below to learn more.

Carolina Gold Rice