I can think of no better time for us to all be still, for just a moment, to take stock of all that we have to be grateful for. Even in times that seem so uncertain, where many are feeling unheard and those who have been disenfranchised for years see little hope of a brighter future, there is still much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for all of you who are mindful in the decisions you make regarding where you spend your hard earned dollars and value the investment you are making in our community.

I am thankful for the farmers and fisherman who rise up early each day to do the laborious and uncertain work of providing food for our community.

I am thankful to know my neighbors including those who live near me, those I do business with, and those who grow my food.

I am thankful that we have not yet become the homogenized Anywhere USA but am conscious of the slippery slope we are on.

I am thankful for so many good members of our community that want to make our place the best possible place for us all to live and thrive.

I am thankful for the entrepreneur who has taken that giant leap of faith to launch a business which adds to our quality of life and creates jobs for those who live here.

I am thankful for those county and city employees who understand and support the idea of a home grown economy and want to reinvest in those that have invested in THIS place.

I am thankful to our donors, sponsors and members that believe that a truly sustainable economy is one that is built on local ownership, and who enable us to be that singular voice for locally-owned independent businesses.

With gratitude,

Jamee Haley

Jamee Haley
Executive Director at Lowcountry Local First
Executive Director at Lowcountry Local First