5 Amazing Things

Dec 21, 2015

#1. We Shouted the Value of Local from Rooftops (and Op Eds and Mayoral Forums and…) Through our Buy Local and Eat Local initiatives, we connected consumers, policymakers and media to our more than 500 businesses, representing 16,000 employees.   #2. We Grew More Farmers 131 graduates launched their… Read More

Winter Preparation for Dirt Works Incubator Farm

Dec 9, 2015

As we welcome in the winter and holiday season here in the Lowcountry, we prepare ourselves for the colder, shorter days with extra layers and hardier meals. Much like we ready ourselves for these changes, our farmers and growers in the area are making the necessary preparations to get their… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: American Automated Payroll

Dec 7, 2015

American Automated Payroll knows the value of local business relationships, as evidenced in this “Relationships Matter” video. As a “one-stop shop” for businesses, AAP assists customers with everything from HR products, workers compensation insurance and employee health benefits, 401K and retirement solutions, time and labor solutions as well as payroll and… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: South Carolina Federal Credit Union

Dec 3, 2015

Managing finances may not exactly be fun, but here in the Lowcountry it doesn’t have to be hard. South Carolina Federal Credit Union has been offering financial services to the city of Charleston since 1936, when it was first chartered as the Charleston Navy Yard Employees Federal Credit Union. Since then… Read More

Sponsor Highlight: Limehouse Produce

Dec 2, 2015

Along with its beautiful landscape and famous hospitality, Charleston is a city that prides itself on its booming food scene. Chefs all over the Lowcountry are working to prepare delicious food with local flare – and fresh, homegrown ingredients are a big part of this. Limehouse Produce recognizes this, and has… Read More