Do you know where your food comes, and how it gets to you?

Most of us don’t, and most don’t take the time to investigate and discover the intricacies of a food system. More than 90% of the food we eat in South Carolina is imported from outside the state and country. That’s a daunting number – but can be looked at through the lens of opportunity. Lowcountry citizens are fortunate to be surrounded by opportunities to engage in eating what’s ripe and in season, with dozens of growers, producers and fishermen working hard to feed us and keep our families and communities healthy. And what’s even better? You don’t have to go around visiting farms or docks to get in on that goodness. Thanks to local businesses like Limehouse Produce, the food finds you. And quickly.

We’re thrilled that Limehouse Produce continues to be the presenting sponsor for Eat Local Month, which begins on April 1! Our partnership with this local organization is nothing but beneficial to our community. In business for 70 years, Limehouse Produce stands for supporting local farmers and stocking local shelves with the best produce available each season.

H.B. Limehouse started Limehouse Produce inĀ 1945 in a wood shack located at 49 Market St. His son Jack took over in 1972 and later moved the humble operation to the Charleston County Market on Wappoo Road in 1976. Regional farmers came to the site to auction their produce to folks of the Lowcountry. Fast forward to modern day: the company now boasts a 32,000 square foot facility in North Charleston full of locally and thoughtfully-sourced products. The produce in the warehouse is delivered to or picked up by our chefs, lending a local vibrancy to the dishes we savor at the restaurants here in Charleston.

Eat Local Month encourages Lowcountry citizens to shift some of their spending to local sources and support their local farmers, purveyors, and chefs. Partnering with Limehouse Produce for this important mission helps make the whole endeavor not only possible – but fun and engaging.

Thanks to lead buyer, Weston Fennel, for the tour!

Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications