10th annual Buy Local Season

December 1st – December 31st

It’s that magical time of year! Time to CHOOSE our LOCAL business community throughout our 10th annual Buy Local Season. 

You know that feeling you get when you go into a local shop or visit their website and find the perfect, unique gift for a loved one? You walk away with a little pep in your step and know that you’ve done something good – not just for your gift-recipient but for the neighbors you’ve supported by making that purchase. And you’ve kept THREE TIMES more of your dollars circulating in our local economy instead of leaving the community than if you had bought from a national chain or online mega-store.

Make the SHIFT in your holiday spending this year. Pledge to shift 10% or more of your spending on gifts and holiday hosting to local businesses.

Let’s celebrate just how GOOD it feels to buy local. Join us for a new 5-part series of “Buy Local, Feel Good Fests” – hyper-local “cash mobs” driving support to participating local businesses, ending with a happy hour celebration with raffle prizes and all the feel-good vibes that come from supporting local. These will rotate around the community’s densest, walkable areas of local businesses on Saturdays from 1 – 4 p.m. throughout the campaign. Click the buttons below to explore participating businesses and the raffle prizes up for grabs!


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How can your business get involved?

If you are a member business with Lowcountry Local First, we invite you to engage in the entire Buy Local Season campaign, running Nov 1 – Dec 31. You will receive a complimentary digital toolkit link near the start of the campaign with graphics, sample language and more to help make promoting the “Buy Local” message throughout the holiday shopping season easy and fun! Not yet a member? You can still participate — learn more here.