The role of Lowcountry Local First’s Neighborhood Captains is to be a leader and a connector of local businesses, farmers, non-profit organizations and individuals in the neighborhood where their business is located. They are the “feet on the ground” in terms of the local movement and a peer supporter of local, independent businesses.

Get to know Emily Mosh who is a captain for West Ashley.

Tell us about your business, Kiawah River:

Kiawah River is a new waterfront community on Johns Island that offers not only impeccably designed homes and amenities, but also an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to celebrate the Lowcountry environment. From boating down the river to fly fishing in the ponds, doing yoga on the great lawn at sunrise, or having a cocktail around the firepit with your neighbors at sunset, there’s something for everyone to love at Kiawah River.

Why are you a Neighborhood Captain for Lowcountry Local First?

Though I’d seen the stickers in shop windows and knew generally what the organization stood for, it wasn’t until I first met with Jamee Haley that I understood how important Lowcountry Local First’s work was. My team and I met with Jamee and Brian Wheat to talk about future plans at Kiawah River and to ask them for their guidance on planning our farming program onsite. Jamee and Brian both spoke so effusively about not only farming and local farmers, but also about local entrepreneurs and the importance of a local-first economy. We left the meeting knowing we’d be seeking guidance on far more than just the farming aspect of Kiawah River.

I am proud to say that thanks to Lowcountry Local First, Kiawah River has been intentionally focused on using local makers, artisans, and businesses whenever possible. As a neighborhood captain, if I can play even a small role in helping a Lowcountry resident or business reach a similar conclusion, I will feel honored!

What other locals do you do business with, or love supporting personally?

With so many homes and amenity buildings to be designed on our 2,000-acre property, we are thrilled to be working with such talented local architects. We’re working with Beau Clowney Architects, Reggie Gibson Architects, Glenn Keyes Architects, to name a few. Our soon-to-be-announced Builders Guild will be formed by a handful of local home builders, as well.

We have already and will continue to partner with other local businesses like M. Dumas & Sons, Scout Boats, and Coastal Expeditions.

Personally, when I’m not at Kiawah River, I can almost always be found with a glass of wine in hand and a charcuterie board in front of me…so places like Edmund’s Oast, goat.sheep.cow, and Avondale Wine & Cheese are high on my list.

One lesser-known fun fact about you or your business?

Kiawah River has been farmland for hundreds of years; that tradition continues to this day! After rice and indigo, cotton and vegetables were the primary crops. For four generations, the Freeman family has been running a farm on Kiawah River’s land. The Freemans will continue to farm on the site forever (we hope!) along with additional farmers that Lowcountry Local First is helping us find.


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Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications