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For our second episode, Steve chats with Rachel Hutchisson, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy at Blackbaud, a technology company that provides services, cloud-based technology, data insights, and expertise to social good organizations. This Daniel Island-headquartered, social enterprise-focused, 40-year-old technology solutions firm’s journey went from humble beginnings in New York City with a handful of administrators and systems analysts to transforming into a global leader in the fundraising CRM space backed by thousands of employees. Blackbaud’s leadership has been declared by Forbes as some of the most innovative in the country, but while the company’s reach is far, their roots are strong, ensuring to continuously be a part of the “ecosystem for good.” Listen to the episode to discover what about Charleston is so invigorating to Blackbaud, how they’re furthering sustainability goals, their intentional advocacy of social justice issues, and how they overcame the obstacles of the pandemic to support employees and customers and how these obstacles spurred innovation.

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