Our mission at Lowcountry Local First is to cultivate an economy anchored in local ownership because local-independent businesses are the foundation of our culture, economy, and character. We believe relationships matter and that when you empower the community with relationships, knowledge, and passion for local – magical things can happen.

Did you know we have more than 30 different business sectors and 500 unique businesses represented in our local business directory? We love telling stories of how our members are connected – creating the multiplier effect and strengthening our local economy. In tandem with our public Eat Local Month campaign in April, our sector focus is on the more than 120 food and beverage categorized businesses from our membership base. Hear how – and why – these locals dip into other sectors to support local in their daily work. Use #TalkSectorToMe to share your own story of crossing sectors to support local in your business’ purchasing habits.

Queen Street Grocery is the corner store of your dreams with all local made products and delicious sweet and savory Crepes, Hot Pressed Sammies, Salads, and Smoothies. Plus we sell unique and local Craft Beer and hard to find Wines. #notyouraveragecornerstore

We asked owner Rob Bouton a few questions about his work with other local businesses:

As a local business owner or decision maker, why is it important that you in turn support other local businesses?
Because I know how hard it is to compete with the corporate no-soul big boxes that threaten our everyday existence.

Can you share a few other local businesses that you either currently work with or have done business with in the past?
We support any local business and anyone who collaborates with other local businesses in Charleston. For example, we use products and sell products from the following local CHS businesses: Normandy Farms, Saffron, Brown’s Court Bakery, Limehouse Produce, Callie’s Biscuits, Cannonborough Beverage, Big Gun Burger, Ambrose Farms, Grow Food Carolina, Melvin’s BBQ, Bulls Bay Salt, and King of Pops just to name a few.

Why would you recommend this habit of supporting local to others?
We love supporting local businesses because of the friendliness we receive from people who actually live in the area their business is in. I am a huge fan of going to Burbage’s twice a week because the owners’ George and Lisa are amazing to me. David at Brown’s Court Bakery has become a good friend, mainly because his stuff rocks! I support David Crowley at The Alley because he has done a lot for Charleston in helping give back with the “Be a Mentor” program. Also, Lindsay and Kate Nevin at 1600 Meeting for providing a space and a forum for local creatives to build a business. They are a huge asset for Charleston and anyone who is trying to get their own ideas of the ground.

What business advice did you never get?
“Don’t do it” or “It won’t work”

Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications