Watching collaborations happen is the most rewarding part of being the Community Manager at Local Works. We’ve only been up and running for a few months, but we already have a strong community and everyone in the space enjoys a sense of comradery. The environment is prime for organic collaboration with very little need for contrived or forced interaction. I can honestly say that two of our coworkers realized an opportunity to work together in the time I’ve sat down to write this post.

What becomes really fun is adding new elements into the mix. Every Friday for the last few months we’ve gotten to witness what happens when you introduce a fresh group of excited entrepreneurs into an already existing ecosystem of collaborations, relationships, conversations, and ideas. Our “Free Coworking Friday” promotion has introduced over twenty-five local start up and small business owners to coworking in Charleston over the last month. It’s been a wonderful experiment! Not only have the people participating benefited from coming into Local Works and using the space, the community has gained new members and new perspectives.

While this Free Friday experiment has been groundbreaking and beneficial to those involved here at Local Works, coworking itself is not experimental at all. According to DeskMag, there are 583 coworking spaces in the US alone. After recently attending a coworking conference, I was shocked to find that a majority of the spaces in the Southeast have a wait list and are in the process of looking for more square footage.
Free Coworking Friday’s have been an impetus for growth during the early stages of Local Works and it’s been a pleasure to take part in this exciting experiment. But, as the elements change and the chairs fill, it may not be a sustainable approach to cultivating the community. If you want to take part in the energetic buzz of coworking in Charleston, be sure to spend a Friday with us while it’s still an option! Come out and be a part of the community!

Free Coworking every 4th Friday at Local Works
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Jamee Haley
Executive Director at Lowcountry Local First
Executive Director at Lowcountry Local First