In 1994 Steve Lesniak decided he needed to act on his vision and fill the gap he saw in Charleston. The gap? The lack of a furniture and home goods store that carried products with a global flair; a store that celebrated and embraced its local artisans yet exuded a chic, welcoming vibe when you stepped through the front door. From his vision Celadon was born.

Celadon is now nearing its 22nd year and has no plans to slow down in terms of growth. Their inventory ranges from hand-carved walnut wood beds, to brightly patterned scarves and necklaces and even a line of children’s products. They have recently launched their online shopping feature that carries their varied in-store wares. The Celadon buyer’s team travel to their suppliers in far flung picturesque destinations such as the island of Java, the winding streets of Singapore as well as the bustling markets of India and Turkey, all to bring their customers a small piece of the world. The Celadon website is updated regularly with photos of their latest travels and goods. You can also keep up with where the Celadon team is off to next via Instagram by following the tag #celadontravels.

Lesniak has a passion for supporting Charleston’s local artisans. He’s an active volunteer member of the SCORE mentoring program, which offers guidance to those looking to launch a small business. Celadon was one of the first brick and mortar establishments to carry the wildly popular Rewined candles. In hopes of fostering new local talent and expanding their customer base, Lesniak and his team have started their Celadon Sunday Flea event. This 12-week event happens every Sunday at 2221 Noisette Blvd at the Navy Shipyard in North Charleston from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. The Sunday Flea brings together over 50 rotating local artisans and food truck vendors. The atmosphere is one of a communal party with face painters, tarot card readers, jump castles for the kids, a live band as well as sweet treats like cotton candy and snow cones. It’s an excellent opportunity for local artisans to get involved and Celadon encourages submissions by contacting Victoria Guglielmi at

Celadon has been a proud member of Lowcountry Local First for over 5 years. Lesniak’s commitment to making his mark in the Lowcountry so that he could be in a position to help others do the same is what drove him to become a member. Collaboration, mentorship and support are the key factors that Steve and his team value in working alongside Lowcountry Local First to strengthen the market for local businesses.

Small glimpses of the beauty made here in the Lowcountry and in the world await you at Celadon. As they say, “every piece has a story to tell.” Visit them at 1015 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, and make sure to tell them Lowcountry Local First sent you!



Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications