As if the changes facing local and small business owners haven’t been daunting enough in 2016 (think business licensing and overtime rules), here’s one more change that you should have on your radar! The Affordable Care Act includes Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions that may affect your business.

“Under the Affordable Care Act, if you have more than 50 full time employees in 2016, you are REQUIRED to offer group health insurance in 2017 or you could face fines up to $3,000 per employee. This could result in massive penalties for your company,” says Reese McFaddin Gately of Workplace Benefits.

“Do you own several small businesses? This part of the law applies to you too. Be sure to add up the number of all of your employees at each of the businesses where you have common ownership, as this may push you to the 50+ mark.”

In addition to Workplace Benefits, these local health insurance providers may be able to help answer your questions and make sure your business doesn’t face massive penalties in the coming year:

  • 843 Benefits
  • James A. Boyd Insurance
Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications