Along with its beautiful landscape and famous hospitality, Charleston is a city that prides itself on its booming food scene. Chefs all over the Lowcountry are working to prepare delicious food with local flare – and fresh, homegrown ingredients are a big part of this. Limehouse Produce recognizes this, and has made it their mission to supply the Lowcountry with quality produce year-round, making them the “produce experts” in Charleston.

A major community benefactor over the years, Limehouse Produce Company has been providing farmed produce and products to the Charleston area for over 70 years. Listening and responding to their hundreds customer needs, they also find the best products around the world for chefs to showcase on their menus. Regardless of season,Limehouse Produce can source fresh, quality produce from one of their 70+ “local” farmers around the country.

We are so grateful for everything Limehouse does for our community, and are thrilled to have them as a Visionary Sponsor and Buy Local Month supporter!

To learn more about Limehouse Produce and to follow their local produce alerts, please visit




Jordan Amaker
Director of Marketing & Communications
Director of Marketing & Communications